The Giver Pre-Reading Survey

Please look at the statements below to get you thinking about the novel we are about to read. State whether you agree or disagree with each statement then briefly explain your answer in complete sentences. MAKE SURE YOU IDENTIFY YOURSELF BY PLACING YOUR NAME AFTER YOUR COMMENTS. I've done one as an example!!!!! Short 2-4 line answers are fine.

  • An ideal community would not have any hunger or starvation.

Agree-All people, no matter what social class they belong to, deserve food to survive. There would be more people living today if there was no hunger or starvation. *Sophie*

​I agree and disagree because if people are starving and then this wouldnt be a ideal community. Hunger is in ideal communitys because everybody is hungry at some point in their life.

Disagree- Hunger is unavoidable. If you feel the pangs of hunger, you eat. Two things though. What if the community ran out of food and supply lines were shutdown? Also, if you gorge yourself every second of the day to avoid hunger, you will quickly become obese. People die from obesity. That, therefore, is not a perfect society.

  • An ideal community would not have any jealousy or competition.

Disagree-Competition is what makes businesses strive for the lowest prices, biggest sales, and best customer service, which benefits all of society. Although an ugly trait, jealousy is a natural emotion and is healthy as long as it doesn't lead to harmful behavior. *Sophie*

Compotition is a normal part of life. A perfect communtiy would let people discuss there points of view, which in most cases leads to arguments. Jess Mullen

  • An ideal community would not have any unemployment.

Agree-In a perfect society, there would be enough jobs at all levels of education for everyone in the world. This would lead to a good economy, positive future outlooks, and less homeless and destitute. *Sophie*
  • All children should have equal possessions and privileges at a certain age, regardless of the status of their families.

Disagree-This may seem cruel at first, but think about the people in the upper-class. Living in the lap of luxury all of their lives, some may find it hard to adapt to a rougher, lower class. With the ones who are not as fortunate, there are still programs that benefit the poor, and make living somewhat easier. Still, people in the middle and upper classes should still donate old toys, clothes that don't fit, and money to to those in the lower class. *Sophie*
  • Families are much closer when they share their feelings.

  • Agree-I know that my family has a better understanding of each other when we share our feelings. Sometimes things are awkward to share, but when we do it helps us feel closer to each other. Mrs. O
  • Agree-If we never shared our feelings with each other, we would be oblivious to our other family members' lives and situations. We wouldn't be able to help them with their conflicts, and our family would feel far apart. It could lead to angry feelings towards each other, and pre-conceived ideas about what each other is feeling. *Sophie*
  • Life would be better and easier if we did not carry bad memories in our heads.

AGREE!!!!-If we let our bad memories drag us down, we would be unable to create newer, better memories. Negative images in our brains can lead to depression, a feeling of self-worthlessness, and a lack of motivation and perseverance. It would be a constant distraction in our daily lives. (!!!!!!) *Sophie* ;)
  • Overpopulation is such a problem that families should not be allowed to have more than two children.

Disagree-Wasn't it our desire for freedom that shaped the ideas of America? If we took away our fundamental right to choose if and how many children we want to have, our country would become a dictatorship. *Sophie*
  • There is no real need to learn about world history.

Disagree-To understand war and other foreign issues, we obviously need to learn about world history, and the cultures and ways of life of other countries. Without an understanding of the world around us, we be more inclined to repeat past mistakes instead of learning from them. *Sophie*
DISAGREE- As you may have heard before, history repaets itself. By learning history, we can make sure that we don't repeat our mistakes. If we didn't learn world history, we also wouldn't be ale to learn about others cultures and ways of life. If we know about these things, we can better understand everyone. -antonina!​
  • There is no real need to learn about one’s own family’s history.

Agree-There is no absolute need to learn about one's family history, other than medically. It would be interesting, however it wouldn't affect how we live today. *Sophie*
DISAGREE- Knowing family history could tell you where you are from, your original cultre, and interesting facts about yourself. Knowing where you are originally from is important. You could find out why you look, act, and think the way you do. I feel this is an important thing to know.antonina!
  • One’s job or occupation in life should be a careful match of one’s interests, talents, and skills.

Agree-If we were all interested in our jobs, there would be more effort, passion, and meaning in our lives. There wouldn't be as many people quitting their jobs to see if the grass is greener somewhere else. Less people would be fired for poor performance because they would be motivated to do a good job. *Sophie* :)